Local Businesses

Support Cridersville

Cridersville is a small town with more than thirty diverse businesses. They provide us with the quality goods and services, and support our many community events and projects. Their success depends upon us, and Cridersville's success depends upon them. We encourae our resident's - when considering a purchase - to always think local first.

Although Cridersville is not a place with malls and large shopping centers, it does have all the local options for daily living. You can buy most of life's necessities right here.

Our local business provide a wide variety of goods and services-from groceries and lumber to lawn tractors and fire trucks. We can go to our local bank,florist,pharmacy,car wash,barbershop or beauty salons. We can go out for a drink, order a pizza, or have a good meal at a local restaurant. Theres a veterinarian, pet grooming and boarding, and a coin laundry. We can have our car serviced, our plumbing repaired, or a new furnace installed.

For health care, we have a family-practice physician, a regional hospital satellite lab, and two top quality nursing and rehabilitation facilites.